Chocolate Chip Cookies

Currently Reading:  Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols


“‘It’s the only way I could think of to get what I want.  I could go on a hunger strike, but I would get so hungry.  Mom would make her chocolate chip cookies and I’d be toast.'”

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Peach Pie

Currently Reading: Matched (Matched Trilogy #1) by Ally Condie

PeachPie“‘I thought you might like some pie,’ Grandfather says, looking at me.  He saw me then, the other day, and I smile at him.  At his signal, I lift the covers from the guest trays and we all gather around to eat.  I serve everyone else first and then pick up my piece of pie, flaky and warm and fruit-filled, and lift a forkful of the pasty to my mouth.

“I wonder if death will always taste this good.”

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