Apple Pie

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“Julia spoke briefly to Tom on the phone, exacting his promise that he would arrive around three o’clock in order to participate in the gift exchange, then she and Rachel parked themselves in the kitchen to peel apples for a pair of pies.  Rachel had cheated and bought the pastry, but had removed it from its Pillsbury packaging, and placed it between layers of plastic wrap in the refrigerator so no one would know.”


“Rachel examined the apple pies on the center island, testing their temperature with her finger. ‘Grab a knife, Jules.  Let’s sample these pies.'”

In honor of Pi Day, a pie off seemed appropriate.  And what’s a better pie to compare to itself then apple pie?  There are approximately 1 googolplex versions of apples, and an infinite number of apple pie recipes so you can have a pie a day and never eat the same one twice.  But if you ever do want to become rational pie eater and repeat a pie you better figure out which kind you like best. OK… done with the math associations.

It basically reduces to apple type, apple size, crust type, and sweetness.  Do you like a sweet or tart apple?  More of an applesauce consistency or an al dente bite?  Thin slices or large chunks?  Crumble or crust?  Lattice or fully covered?  Sugar or liquid sweeteners?

Julian, CA is known for their apples and their apple pies.  And each place makes their own version of this American favorite.  The two best known bakeries are Mom’s Pies and Julian Pie Company, both with lines out the door and waiting times of over an hour just to order but man, are they worth it.  Everyone picks sides.  You know how serious New Yorkers are about their pizza?  Well San Diegans are just as crazy about which apple pie they order.  And don’t you bring the wrong one to the party…

I have my favorite.  What’s yours?

Places to check out awesome apple pies:

Also, if you find yourself in Julian in the fall, you can go apple picking.  Find out more from these sites:


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